The severity of the testicles in men causes, symptoms and treatment of diseases


Inflammation of the urethra symptoms and treatment of the disease in men and women Severity of the testicles in men: causes, symptoms and treatment of diseases
The main causes of severity in the testicles in men, what are the associated symptoms. What can be complications, methods of diagnosis, as well as the treatment and prevention of diseases.

What is the severity of the testicles in men: causes and treatment

Men’s health requires special attention, since most diseases of the pelvic organs are asymptomatic. The severity of the testes may indicate the formation of prostate gland, the development of varicose veins or dropsy. Timely diagnosis of the problem will help avoid the dangerous effects of burning in the testicles.

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  • The reasons

    Seed plants or testicles – this is the testicles. They produce the necessary male hormones for the sexual development of the body. The basis of health – testosterone. Due to the active action of androgens, seminal fluid is produced in the scrotum, and the activity of spermatozoa increases.

    If you experience pain in the testicles, you should immediately consult a doctor, as this may be a symptom of an unpleasant disease. Also, a feeling of heaviness is sometimes associated with prolonged sexual abstinence.

    The main causes of the appearance of heaviness in the testes in men:

    1. Inguinal hernia. When this occurs, the omission of the rectum, which puts pressure on the organs of the reproductive system. Under the "blow" in the first place gets the scrotum.
    2. Tilt the testicles. There is a twisting of the spermatic cord, so the pain gives to the groin area.
    3. Varicocele. This is a varicose vein due to muscle overload or chronic diseases of the body. Varicocele primarily affects the testes. Most often the left testicle suffers, much less often the right one.
    4. Hydrocele. May develop in infancy or in adult men in the postoperative period. Hydrocele (dropsy) is an accumulation of fluid in the testicles.
    5. Tissue injury. Severity may also appear after a blow, bruise or fall, while there is swelling of the testes, the appearance of redness.
    6. Stasis sperm. Occurs due to prolonged sexual abstinence or too rapid production of seminal fluid.
    7. Epididymitis. It is an inflammatory disease that is triggered by a bacterial infection. The most common pathogens are gonococci and chlamydia.

    Infections can also cause discomfort in the groin area. Bacteria cause inflammation of the urethra, which subsequently extends to the vas deferens and appendage. Lack of treatment can lead to complete infertility and erectile dysfunction.

    The appearance of additional symptoms, such as pain in the head of the penis, burning and itching during urination, increased body temperature, as well anabolic steroids side effects pictures as swelling and reddening of the tissues, is an occasion to consult a doctor immediately.

    If the severity in the testes appears periodically and mainly after physical exertion, then the development of an inguinal hernia can also be suspected. Lowering the internal organs can trigger pressure on the spermatic cord. The problem is solved only with the help of the operation.

    Sharp and severe pain with a certain frequency can talk about the twisting of the testicle. This is usually due to trauma or congenital anomaly. Pathology can occur in young children and adult men. In the absence of surgical treatment, tissue death will occur, followed by complete amputation of the scrotum or part thereof.


    One of the most common causes is scrotal varicose veins. This disease is called varicocele, has four main stages of development. At the initial stage, it is easier to stop and stop the development of pathology than at the last.

    At the last stage of the progression of the disease, the painful sensations become particularly acute, and tight veins are visible even to the patient. In the scrotum, the temperature rises, which affects the production of sperm. Male body produces testosterone in insufficient quantities. The disease occurs in 20% of men, is not considered dangerous, but can cause a decrease in fertility.

    The frequency of symptoms of varicose veins:

    • complete absence of signs of varicocele – 50%;
    • manifestation of visible symptoms – 25%;
    • infertility development – 25%.

    These data are average, inability to conceive can develop at any stage of varicocele. With varicose veins of the scrotum, the main function, the ability to fertilize, suffers first.

    Most often, pain or discomfort has a pulling, pressing nature, often patients describe this condition as a heaviness in the scrotum. Usually, these sensations are not constantly present, but appear after physical exertion, sexual intercourse, thermal procedures or after a long sitting position.


    Dropsy is an accumulation of serous fluid between the testicles, in which the scrotum increases in size. The cause of the disease often become abnormalities of the inguinal canal.

    Fluid from the abdominal cavity enters the scrotum, squeezing the testicles, which causes them to ache. In the acute form, hydrocele may be accompanied by severe pain, and the genitals will be hot to the touch.

    Symptoms of hydrocele depending on the form of the disease:

    1. Acute phase. The patient feels a sharp pain, while the scrotum may increase dramatically in size. The disease can also be congenital, the genital organ changes its size during the day. It usually occurs with hyperthermia, accompanied by a violation of the process of urination. With acquired dropsy, the size of the scrotum does not change during the day.
    2. Chronic phase. The disease can be in remission for a long time, it can proceed without pain and urination problems. The size of the testicles can only be increased slightly, but other symptoms appear: problems with sexual desire, pain during intercourse. Hydrocele can lead to malnutrition of the scrotum and reduced ability to conceive.

    Dropsy requires an urgent solution to the problem. Acquired form can be primary and secondary, if the disease flows into the chronic form. The disease is more methanabol tablets common in newborns, in adults only in 1% of cases.

    Stasis sperm

    The accumulation of seminal fluid in the testicles may indicate prolonged sexual abstinence. In some cases, ejaculation solves the problem with the severity of the scrotum, while in others, complex treatment is required.

    The more sperm is produced, the stronger the man feels the pain. Discomfort can manifest periodic attacks. Having noticed the first symptoms of the pathology, it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible, otherwise the functions of the scrotum can be significantly affected.

    Additional symptoms of sperm stasis:

    • prolonged abstinence, lack of sexual contact and masturbation;
    • pain gives to the anus;
    • erectile dysfunction develops;
    • there is a feeling of weakness;
    • urination problems begin;
    • develops a depressed state.
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    Due to stagnant sperm, other problems may also occur, such as the development of prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases. There may also be problems in the kidneys and bladder. Having penetrated there, the bacteria cause chronic infectious conditions. That is why timely treatment is so important.

    Pulling pain is not the only sign of the urinary system. For concomitant symptoms, you can make a presumptive diagnosis. Tell your doctor what signs have been noticed.

    Among the possible additional symptoms:

    • discomfort when touching and pressing on the scrotum area;
    • an increase in the size of the testicles;
    • changing the shape and structure of the testes;
    • pain in the penis;
    • general weakness;
    • abdominal pain;
    • fever;
    • disruption of the digestive process;
    • formation of bumps on the testicles.

    Also, male testicles may be hot to the touch, pain may be given to the urethra. In the chronic course of the problem urination problems appear and erectile dysfunction develops. After treatment of the disease, all symptoms disappear.

    Possible complications

    Among dimethazine review the most common complications – the development of impotence and problems with urination. If you start the disease and do not treat the problem, the consequences may be more serious.

    Possible complications of severity in the testicles:

    • fertility decline up to complete sterility;
    • the appearance of boils, abscesses;
    • development of gangrene and scrotal necrosis;
    • sepsis.

    The danger of possible consequences – the process becomes irreversible. Patients are advised to be attentive to treatment and follow the recommendations of the doctor, otherwise the man loses the main function – the ability to conceive offspring.


    Diagnostic tests help to determine the cause of severity in the scrotum. Itching, burning, or other symptoms can help identify the disease in children, adolescents, and adults. Even not too painful sensations in the scrotum are considered a deviation from the norm and are the reason for referring to a urologist or andrologist.

    The reason to visit a medical facility can be:

    • repeated bouts of pain, not passing a long time;
    • nausea, vomiting and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • the formation of edema, discoloration of the skin and shape of the testicles;
    • fever, heat.

    Immediately before going to the doctor, refuse to take painkillers. Drugs can cause a misdiagnosis. Try to describe as accurately as possible the location and nature of the pain.

    Diagnosis of pain in the testes:

    • general blood and urine tests;
    • spermogram;
    • bacteriological seeding;
    • PCR study for the presence of hidden infections;
    • Ultrasound diagnostics;
    • oncological diagnostics;
    • tissue biopsy;
    • examination by other specialists.

    Most of the diseases identified after diagnosis may tri trenbolone 150 require surgery. Operationally, inguinal hernia, hydrocele, varicocele, testicular torsion are treated. Sperm stasis is amenable to conservative treatment.

    Appropriate therapy gives a positive result with timely treatment to the doctor. An accurate diagnosis of pain in the testicles is not possible only in 4% of cases. Then you can suspect a psychosomatic manifestation of symptoms.


    Therapy is prescribed individually depending on the severity of the disease and concomitant chronic pathologies. Most of the diseases that cause pulling sensation in the testes are not amenable to medical treatment.

    Possible therapeutic methods depending on the diagnosis:

    1. Inguinal hernia. It is not amenable to conservative treatment, urgent surgical intervention is required.
    2. Torsion of testicles. At the initial stage, you can try physiotherapy, with failure, surgical treatment is indicated.
    3. Varicocele. Symptoms stoped in the right way of life, medicines are rarely effective, and surgery is also indicated.
    4. Hydrocele. The main treatment method is surgical. The elimination of dropsy by puncture is temporary.
    5. Tissue injury. First aid – cold compress and taking painkillers, with significant breaks in connective tissue surgery is required.
    6. Stasis sperm. Requires the release of testicles from seminal fluid. If relief after ejaculation is not observed, medical therapy will be required.
    7. Epididymitis. It is treated mainly with antibiotics, enzymes, absorbable drugs, vitamins. Strict bed rest is also recommended.

    Among the ways are popular folk remedies. They can be used in consultation with your doctor as an additional therapy. You will also need treatment for concomitant hormonal disorders and metabolic diseases.

    The prognosis in the treatment of diseases of the urinary organs depends on the root causes of their occurrence, the degree of progression and the stage of development of the pathological process.


    In addition to medication or surgical treatment, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy, massage, and vitamin-mineral complexes. Will speed recovery or help prevent the occurrence of pain prevention.

    Additional measures to preserve male health include:

    • observance of bed rest;
    • taking pain relievers, anti-inflammatories to relieve symptoms;
    • fixation of the testicles using a bandage or special linen;
    • respect for intimate hygiene of the genital organs;
    • avoid casual sex;
    • condom use as a contraceptive;
    • the use of groin protection in sports;
    • self-examination of the genitals;
    • maintaining regular sex life;
    • preventive annual examination.

    It is also recommended to change lifestyle, not to be zealous in sports and give up bad habits. Fidelity to the sexual partner and the use of a condom during sexual contact will help prevent infection with venereal diseases.


    Varicocele is the main cause of discomfort in the testicles in men. Learn more about the disease from the video.