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Interval training is a great way to get in shape without going to the gym – Fitness and diet

Interval training. The principle of the construction of training, an approximate program of interval training. Tips coaches. Where can I do interval training in Novosibirsk.

A great way to quickly get in shape without visiting the gym

What is the essence of interval training

Why interval training is effective for losing weight

How to organize a lesson without a visit to the gym

How to start independent workouts?

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What online resources will help to organize a home workout (video)

Can everyone practice the interval principle?

How to set yourself up for regular workouts

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Your figure is not ready for the summer? Together with the Novosibirsk fitness instructors, we will talk about an effective and affordable way to quickly become more slim and fit, even at home – about interval training.

Our experts

Julia Borzina, instructor of the Europe fitness club

Mikhail Reutov, instructor of Alex Fitness fitness club

What is the essence of interval training

“Interval” is not a separate fitness direction, but a new approach to habitual training. It can be used even when running or cycling.

The lesson is divided into phases: first, a surge of load, then – recuperation, then again a load … But recuperation is not rest, but only a tangible decrease in the intensity of the exercises. For example, with interval running in a single workout, you consistently either speed up or slow down. It turns out the alternation of strength and aerobic exercises.

An interval is one such cycle: slow motion plus acceleration.

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Why interval training is effective for losing weight

A great effectiveness of the interval approach in comparison with the traditional cardio and strength training is confirmed by many studies. The main reason lies in the acceleration of metabolism. What makes this happen?

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Our muscles are made up of “fast” and “slow” fibers. Slow fibers are involved with low-intensity loads (for example, during jogging). For energy, they consume fat, but after the end of classes the need for additional energy disappears, and fat burning stops.

Fast fibers work during high intensity blast loads. For their energy they use carbohydrates (glycogen).

With a continuous alternation of fast and slow activity, the body literally does not understand what kind of “fuel” it has to work with and consumes both fat and glycogen. As a result of this stress, metabolism is accelerated, and the burning of calories occurs a day after exercise.

Thus, a short interval workout can help you lose weight faster than doing only cardio or strength exercises.

How to organize a lesson without a visit to the gym

effective losing weight

Not all of us can spend hours at the gym. Doubtless plus interval training – they are easy to organize on the street or at home using a minimum of sports equipment (jump rope, mat) or even without it.

Mikhail Reutov:

– Before starting self-study, you need to consult a medical professional. If there are no contraindications, learn the technique of doing the exercises, get comfortable clothes and shoes, prepare a sufficient amount of water before training.

How to start independent workouts?

Julia Borzina

– Like any training session, the interval one needs to start with a warm-up to prepare the body for work, slightly increase the pulse, warm the ligaments and joints. Training can consist of basic elements of aerobics or step aerobics and strength training. The final stage of training is, of course, stretching to relax the body.

At home, you can create a workout with alternating physical activity of high and low intensity. For example, jumping, then squats. Running on the NATURAL BODYBUILDING – PROGRESS WITHOUT STEROIDS | Wedel\’s Nursery, Florist and female bodybuilders having sex Garden Center spot, followed by push-ups. Exercises with a rope, after – various twisting on the abdominal muscles.

Here is an example of a simple training complex.

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Do the workout. For example, for 3 minutes, jump: feet together, hands at the seams; in a jump, arms should be raised upwards, legs should be spread shoulder-width apart; return to the starting position.

Further exercises:

Squat at a fast pace (hands behind head, back straight, sit deeply and stand up sharply) – repeat 15 times;

Easy running in place for 1 minute

Push-ups (lying, arms bent at the elbows, legs straight or resting on the knees) – 15 times;

Easy running in place for 1 minute

Lunges forward one knee – alternately 10 times on each leg.


Easy running in place for 1 minute.

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Repeat the entire set three times. At the end of the workout, do the stretching.

If you like jogging in the fresh air, try using the interval approach as follows: two minutes of easy running, then 30 seconds of acceleration. To get started, do 6-8 reps.

Mikhail Reutov

– Classes need to start with a comfortable intensity for themselves. Then gradually increase the load, reduce the time to rest between intervals, get out of the comfort zone!

Michael advises gradually increase the load and intensity of exercise. Engage 3 times a week for 20-40 minutes and the result will not take long!

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What online resources will help to organize a home workout

To help those who wish to practice independently, there are channels on YouTube with examples of interval training. Most of them are English-speaking, but the exercises are demonstrated clearly, so everyone will be able to understand how to carry them out correctly. Videos are consistent and, if you stick to the system presented in them, you can perfectly do without personal instructors and achieve excellent results.

In English, interval training is abbreviated as HIIT (high intensity interval interval training). One of the most popular resources with HIIT workouts was Christine Salus channel (ChristineSalus). Kristin shoots all the videos in her apartment and practically does not use special equipment to do the exercises, doing the improvised items. For example, from the usual ottoman, she performs pushups. Christine’s workouts vary in time: from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Another well-known channel that contains interval workouts is BodyRock (Сharliejames1975). Here they are highlighted in a separate section HIIT MAX. The section presents short explosive complexes – a suitable option Natural Bodybuilding – bodybuilding for beginners – Jamo TV for those who have little time to engage. However, for training with the instructors of this channel you will need sports equipment.

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Mikhail Reutov

– There is a YouTube channel fitness timestudy_ru. with a series of interval video training that you can do at home. Also, some experts are willing to support those who wish to engage in remotely.

An example of a home interval training with Mikhail Reutov from the fitness channel timestudy_ru.

Can everyone practice the interval principle?

High-intensity interval training is recommended only for healthy people who do not have medical contraindications. Before starting a class, consult a specialist!

How to set yourself up for regular workouts

Despite the large number of advantages, interval training includes quite heavy loads that are difficult to force yourself to perform without a trainer. Therefore, self-study needs high motivation.

Mikhail Reutov


– For motivation, you need to start recording your results, keep a training diary – progress is so visible, and interest does not disappear.

Julia Borzina

– I believe that harmony with oneself is a very important aspect of a person’s life. A beautiful and healthy body is the key to success in many ways. When you set a goal, go to it step by step, approaching and seeing your results – this becomes your motivation for further progress.