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Alobi ALERT – Campus Saf

  • Alobi
  • February 22, 2018

As college students across the nation head back to school to advance their education and build a future, one of the foremost things at the back of everyone's mind is safety. Whether it be walking across campus, a nearby neighborhood or back to the car, everyone these days should be aware of their surroundings. What happens when awareness is not enough is what our company is here to assist with. In the blink of an eye one's life can change. Reaching for your phone or fighting off an attacker may not be an option. What if there was a simpler solution that could immediately contact friends and loved ones to let them know you are in trouble and at the same time send them the location of where you are located.

Take for example this common occurrence on college campuses, students carry mace or pepper spray when they walk around at night for safety. When attending an event they are searched and told that these items present a risk to the event and have to throw it away in order to attend. This presents a problem for that student when returning to their vehicle or dorm. They are now unprotected. What is their backup plan?

There is a simple solution. An electronic button known as Alobi ALERT powered by a watch battery that is paired with your smart phone. After you have selected the contacts and message that you want to send to let them know you are in danger. When an event occurs all you have to do is press the button for a mere 2 seconds, it will call and TXT your selected contacts so that you have immediate communication with them to let them know you require assistance.

We are working hard to bring this new solution to college campuses across the nation in an effort to help provide some extra measure of safety to the student body. We have all been there as women. It is late at night on campus and you are walking to your car. There is a "blue button" 200 yards away that you have no chance of reaching and you don't feel safe. What do you do? Press the Alobi ALERT button and let your friends and family know you may be in trouble. Immediately any would be attacker will know that you are in communication with others and it is best to move on. Problem solved!

You may also be wondering if this solution requires participation by the school you are attending. The answer is no. We hope that schools begin to embrace this solution to help protect students on their campuses and make them available to all students. The beauty of it is that it uses your built in smart phone features such as GPS and Bluetooth allowing it to operate virtually anywhere in the world to help keep you safe.

This is not a luxury, but a necessity. This is a beneficial product that can and will help the safety of others.

Have more questions? Wondering if we can speak with your college or university about a wider deployment? Feel free to drop us a line. We are happy to talk and hopefully keep everyone safer.

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